Widgets for websites

Improving site conversion and behavioral factors

Widgets will help you improve:

Conversion Rate Behavioral factors User-friendliness Site traffic

Improving conversion

With the help of widgets, you can improve the conversion rate several times! Widgets attract attention and it is easier and more convenient for a site visitor to make an order, send a message, or order a callback right now. Otherwise, he may be distracted or just change his mind.

Improving behavioral factors

Search engines currently pay a lot of attention to behavioral factors. Widgets improve behavioral factors - increase the user's time on the site, the number of actions, and reduce the bounce rate. Your site will take higher positions in search engines.

Examples and types of widgets for the site

The most popular types of our widgets:
  • Feedback form
  • Example (using the collapsed state, appearing when the page loads, the expanded state is not embedded in the content, located at the bottom right):

  • Callback Widget
  • Example (using the collapsed state, appearing when the mouse hovers over the previous widget after 1 second, the expanded state is not embedded in the content, located in the center of the page):

  • Service Order Widget
  • Specialist Call Widget
  • Pop-up window

In our widget creation wizard, you can select the location of the widget on the page in a few clicks, change the color scheme, select the event and the delay with which the widget will appear(pop up):

Дизайн виджета
The widget appears on mouse hover after N seconds


  1. Installation in a couple of minutes
    Register, add a widget, insert the code on your site
  2. No mail server needed
    In the widgets with sending mail, messages are sent by our mail server, and all the necessary settings are made on our side so that the messages are guaranteed to reach the recipient.
  3. Sending messages from the site to Telegram Messenger
    Emails from the site will be sent to your telegram.
  4. Ease of settings
    When creating a widget, a simple widget constructor is used. You can easily change the color scheme, location, appearance (pop-up feedback form or built-in)
  5. Accessibility and versatility
    This is free (within the limits that are sufficient for the absolute majority of sites). Our responsive widgets can be added to html(with or without php), wordpress,joomla, modx,tilda, and any other website..
  6. User Support
    You can contact our technical specialists at any time through our message form and they will help you connect widgets to your site and configure them.

Terms and prices

We offer to use widgets for free. This option is suitable for most users. But there are restrictions - they are necessary for the functioning of our service The limit of the free number of widget downloads per month for each account is 60000(300 points). We also give you 300 points when you register. If you need more, you can buy points. The cost of additional widget downloads - from $ 0.00005 (20,000 downloads from $1, $1 = 50 points) User Agreement In addition to downloads, points can be spent on notifications in the Telegram messenger and other actions.